Baby steps…

Ok,  I’ve been a tad lazy on the whole “kick this fussy eating in the butt project” this week. Baby is teething and has caught a horrendous cold, so I’ve been dealing with rivers of snot and tears and Master C has been pushing the boundaries more than usual. Mealtimes have once again become a battleground, so I resorted to giving him fish fingers for most meals and really should have tried harder *slaps own wrist*

But really, this was me:


 Anyway, I thought I’d do things a bit differently this lunchtime. You know, mix it up a bit to see if it made a difference. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been crap not just for this week but for these preceding years; what with having the TV on to ‘distract him’, letting him sit on the sofa to eat and *gasp* sometimes feed him if he really isn’t keen.

So today I turned the TV off, let him help me set the table, put the food in separate bowls in the middle and let him serve himself. I also made sure that I ate with him, as I’m often too busy to actually sit down at any point during the day, let alone when Master C is actually distracted. I read an article last week that said that letting them choose what and how much they eat can improve things a lot as it gives them a sense of ownership over the meal. As opposed to dumping, what is to them, a truckload of food onto a plate and ordering them to eat the lot. So I thought I’d give it a try.


I’ve got to say, he did quite well. Yes it was fish fingers again as I wanted to start with something that I knew he liked.. He obviously took a few of them. Then I made mashed potato and mixed in some sweet potato (he won’t usually touch sweet potato because it’s orange) and to my surprise he dolloped a, albeit small, portion onto his plate after a little moan about the colour and a few suspicious looks thrown my way. The carrots and cucumber I included weren’t touched, of course, but just having them on the table invoked conversation about their colour, if they were soft or crunchy, if they were juicy, etc. Usually it’s just a scream of “Get them off my plate!!” and refusal to eat anything that came within 10 meters of them. 

He did plonk all of the carrots onto my plate at one point, making me say “don’t give me all of them, there’ll be none left for you!” (Hint hint master C, hint hint!) but no, his response was “it’s ok mummy, I don’t like carrots” (huge smile on his face. Like I don’t know that already!)

I feel like this may be the start of something! 


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