The perfect parent brigade

There are times (or all the time with me) that we feel as if we are being judged as parents. Whether this is because of our own insecurities, or the condescending attitude of others, it’s something that us parents all have to face sometime or another

Fussy children are usually hypersensitive and may come with tidal waves of emotion which erupt into huge tantrums or confrontations. This is probably when we feel the most judged, especially when it happens in public. 


Take C for example. We were in Asda a few days ago and for no reason whatsoever (or none that I could fathom at that specific time) he broke down into screaming rage. This was in the middle of the sweet isle, holding a packet of haribo, so you can imaging what sort of parent I looked like! What made it worse was the smug looking mum who swooshed past, her child sitting nicely in the trolley munching on a carrot. A CARROT FFS!!!! 

In the end, I had to literally carry him out of the shop kicking and screaming. Thank god baby didn’t kick off too or I would have been trapped in that nightmarish situation, the isles closing in on me, mums walking past tutting and wagging their fingers in my direction…


Ok so the mum who walked past probably only looked my way because she thought someone was being murdered down that isle, and good on her kid for eating that carrot! I should have gone and congratulated her! 

What I am trying to put across is that even though we may feel that people are judging us sometimes, we are usually our own worst enemy. 

Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Parenting is hard, and we are all struggling through it doing the best we can. 

When something like fussy eating crops up, it makes the whole process 1000x harder but what really matters is that you are trying! You care! You care so much that you are giving yourself grey hairs stressing about it.

So carry on doing what you are doing. Whatever that is. Hide the vegetables, offer them even if your child leaves them, don’t offer them at all, feed your child McDonald’s for every meal if you have to. I don’t care. You are doing your best and that’s what matters. Well done. 


6 thoughts on “The perfect parent brigade

  1. Hah hah that bit about the smug looking mum with a carrot chomping toddler made me LOL 😀 We’ve all been there with other children behaving oh so perfectly around our little monsters…. 😀

    But yes, you are definitely right, we are all doing great and shouldn’t blame our selves 🙂

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  2. We’re just entering the fussy eating stage with Oscar. He used to eat whatever we put in front of him, but now he just wants potato waffles and tinned carrots. I kid you not! Tonight I offered him waffles and pizza, thinking he was bound to eat it (as most kids would), but nope, he ate the waffles and left the rest! I despair. I had it with my eldest and I was hoping we would bypass it this time round! Ah well. These things are sent to try us! Great post ❤

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

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