A not-so-serious quiz to determine whether your child is a picky eater

Tick which answer applies to you:

1. a) His favourite food since he was weaned, you know, the food he asks for for dinner every day, the only go-to meal that you know he will actually eat… He suddenly decides is disgusting and looks horrified that you even tried to place the abomination infront of him.

b) His favourite food is everything and anything.

2. a) She will starve herself for DAYS, maybe even weeks. rather than eat a food that she does not like. 

b) She would dine on lobster and caviar if I let her.

3. a) He can sniff out a vegetable in a meal from the next room, no matter how hard you try to disguise it

b) He likes you to put extra vegetables in his meal incase he can’t taste them well enough.

4. a) You find yourself spending an extra hour in the kitchen every night preparing separate meals for the family, for her to then have a tantrum when it’s served because she has something different. When offered said meal that the rest of the family is eating, she has another tantrum because she doesn’t like it.

b) I only have to cook once because the whole family eats the same nutritious meal.

5. a) Everything you put infront of him is too hot/ cold/ dirty/ funny looking and mostly ends up on the table/ floor/ his head/ up his nose (delete as appropriate).

b) Everything you put infront of him is delicious.

Mostly a’s: Run for the hills, you have a picky eater on your hands! You will most likely spend the next 16 years on your knees begging them to eat something healthy. Whatever you do, do not offer them any sort of new food, even if it’s a mixture of all the foods they love in a new form. This could have explosive consequences.

Mostly b’s: You do not have a picky eater and I’m afraid to say that I am mildly jealous… Ok, no, I hate you and your stress free mealtimes!


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