I am not a foodie, nor a nutritionist, nor an expert of any shape or form. But I am a mum. I’m a mum to two boys, one of whom has driven me crazy over the last three years with his eating habits (the other hasn’t been weaned yet). Master C is the epitome of fussy, he’s fussy about what colour cup I bring him (it has to be red, but not the wrong shade and shame on me if it has any specs of another on it), what clothes I buy him (I feel the wrath if it hasn’t got a huge picture emblazoned upon it of whatever disney character he has decided is ‘the one’ this month), but most of all its food. He and food (except for cake of course) have a hate, hate relationship. The meals he will actually eat I can count on one hand, anything new is swiftly rejected and the world literally ends in his tiny little head if he spots any sort of vegetable on his plate.

This is his face when they offered him pumpkin soup at nursery. See what I mean?!caden

Sound familiar? For the entirety of the time I have spent banging my head against the wall (literally), begging him to please just lick the carrot “its nice I promise” and walking away on the verge of tears because I’ve wasted yet another hour in the kitchen cooking something that will only see the inside of a bin, I have had no support. And this is not through lack of trying. It gets fobbed off by health visitors,  friends and family tell me he’ll grow out of it, which is nice but not much help when all you can think about is how many of his five a day he has missed over the last 2 years and what dire consequences this will bring to him in his later years, and the advice I find on the internet, like the lying piece of filth that is “if you offer a vegetable to your child 20 times he will eat it in the end”… Well I’ve offered peas to master C at least 100 times and the furthest one got was his tongue before it was promptly spat out (he has never trusted fish pie since), just do not apply to my little guy.

I digress. What I am trying to say is that I started this blog simply to invite you all on my journey with my fussy little thing and see if we get anywhere. What has always stood out to me is the feeling that I am alone, that no other parent could have possibly experienced a child as fussy as mine, or that it’s some sort of taboo subject that mustn’t be admitted to lest we be judged as failures as parents. Well there’ll be no judging on here and, trust me, you are not alone. I will be offering him new foods (feeling shaky just at the thought of it), trying out tips, and along the way embarking on a Baby-Led Weaning journey with my second son for the first time (yes, I did the whole puree/ jar thing with master C and have hung my head in shame ever since) in the hopes that he will be one of these kids you see snacking on a courgette as a midday snack (yes I really have seen this!).

So join me on my journey and learn with me! We may stumble upon something miraculous!


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  1. Great that you’re sharing your experiences. There are no easy answers, but it definitely helps the frustration when you know someone else is going through the same thing. As you can imagine, I swear by cooking with them as a way to encourage them to be more open about trying things. It’s not the perfect solution, but I think helping them see food as something fun to explore and something they can have an element of control over, can help. Good luck with it all.

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    1. Thankyou for your reply, it’s really made me think and I am going to try cooking with him and exposing him to a bigger variety of foods (we have become stuck in somewhat of a rut lately with the same foods over and over again). I will be scouring your site for recipes!


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